Sunday, December 13, 2009

Michelle and Tweedledum's Yoga Challenge

For the past month I have been receiving emails about a 30-day yoga challenge to start off the new year. Michelle and I thought it would be a great idea, but instead of waiting till January we decided to start ours sooner and create our own rules. We figured we would be more accountable if we post it here. Here are the parameters of the challenge:

Purpose of the Challenge:
Michelle's purpose is to get stronger and ready for her teacher training coming up in January
Tweedledum's purpose is to relieve boredom and have a challenge

Challenge Requirements:
- 30 days of yoga starting December 14 - January 14 in sickness and in health

- challenger is allowed to miss 2 days of practice within the month, but will have to "double up" (practice twice) on the following day

- self practice is allowed with a minimum of at least an hour and a half. 10 Surya Namaskaras do not count as a full practice

- if challenge is forfeited, at stake is a pair of yoga pants from lululemon

Contract Clause
regardless of injury ie. sciatica, deltoid pain, shoulder pain, tendonitis etc. challenge shall continue. in the event of a kidnapping or death, challenge will be terminated without consequence to challenger

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  1. can Aussie participate, perhaps he can have a dog year's challenge, where he just has to compete for 4 days.